Anet A8 Plus Upgrades and Mods in 2019

Thanks to the growing Anet A8 Plus 3D printing community, here are the 2 best 3D printable Anet A8 Plus upgrades and mods to improve your 3D printing experience.

  • Y-Rod Bracket Set

Designer: Marcus Bechtle

Download: Thingiverse

Complete Set for the Anet A8 Plus Y-Rods help to improve the performance of leveling. 

Anet A8 Plus Y-Rods 


  • Anet A8 Plus Fan Duct

Designer: Celil Türkmen

Download: Thingiverse

When 3D printing with certain materials, a nozzle fan helps to cool freshly extruded plastic and keep the 3D print in tip-top quality. 

This unique design snaps right into the extruder fan and forms a half circle shape around the nozzle. With holes placed around the half circle, the nozzle receives fan cooling from every angle, greatly improving the overall quality of your 3D prints.

Anet A8 Plus Fan Duct

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